The artist manifests the vision of his reality in a creative act, reflects, symbolizes and recreates his feeling.

The artist who lives for Art creates shapes and figures that symbolize his perception and feeling of a reality and environment that marks him.

My work

proposes to merge that vision between matter, form, and emptiness, where materials and forms are associated in a composition integrating in a harmonic and conceptual way, without breaking with the aesthetics of the proposed volume. The rigid and geometric lines, along with the organic and sensual lines of nature, are combined in a harmonious dialogue.

In the proximity of various materials that are so dissimilar, the material is combined with the spiritual, the essence with energy, the proximity with the distance, the hardness with the sensible, the material with the ethereal, the filled with the void, the movement with stillness.

The association between them involves special treatment of the expressiveness of matter and form in physical space since each one has its own language, they have their own borders that, confronted with creative purposes, determine the moment and the way in which they should carry out such association.

There is absolute intuitive freedom where the only commitment that exists between the work and me is its essence. Emotions flow and drain within the process, and it is there thatall feeling is involuntarily transmitted, what one has to say, what disturbs or what makes one happy.

There is nothing else I believe more than in my work. I live with absolute loyalty to my thoughts, my beliefs, and my speech. I am consistent between what I think, what I say and what I do. I do not allow my essence to be invaded by an intention different from what makes me an artist, what makes us unique and authentic.

The creative must live art and live as an artist. I do it all the time, which leads me to a communion between the real world and the one of my ideas. My absolute commitment to Arts. I think that sums it up. I am endorsed by my commitment to be a sculptor.