Reflections on the exhibition “Pájaros del Silencio”


The reunion with some friends meant a moment of relaxation, but also, accompanying this interesting proposal that arises in the workshop of a sculptor, I find it a haven in the desert we live; to fuse a language between plastic and environmental preservation, it may not be new in our wide geography, but in the province where it seems that nothing happens and the arts are individual and introspective approaches, alloys to unify voices, around a social problem that becomes an expectant fact. The afternoon, almost Saturday night with a lot of breeze, became exceptional, memorable; photographs, sculptures and an unexpected impromptu bird concert, made the atmosphere a magical moment; I congratulate Licia and all those involved in the outcome of a project that may well be a new challenge of proposals and ideas to attract attention, in multiple areas of our daily lives, allows art to be understood from a social, participatory and of Education view, more than as a decorative element of environments, it is a way to guide our young values of the plastic, to move within the new aesthetic languages, to investigate in the environment, that encourages encounters from the landscape, fauna, flora and all that that identifies us as Venezuelans, Caribbeans, to be creators of our own discourse that unifies us in a broad, reflective concept of a contemporary Latin American humanity.

Margarita Liscano
Plastic Artist – Drawer – Cultural Manager

Venezuela 2017

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