My friend Licia


Last December I had the opportunity to visit my dear friend Licia Salvatore and, finally, to know her workshop, where she has created her beautiful artwork and she continues her humanitarian labor. A fresh afternoon in Lechería, Venezuela, with sea breeze and weaves whisper. As a good Italian descendant, Licia is plenty of words and a language ensembled with face expressions and restless hands movement. It is always a pleasure to watch the new pieces from my artist friends, but this time it was even bigger the pleasure to find the different faces of the pure art and art with social justice sense responsive and critical against a barbarian government without comparison. Licia creates finest pieces using woods and rocks selected regarding its color, texture and appropriates for a symbolic integration. Far away from the purists, who thing to carve is to carve and sculpt is to sculpt, Licia is a rebel, she integrates, in this elements live the earth, the pristine water and the air surrounding the pieces and dancing between the opened spaces and the curve shapes. She handles the abstract forms with harmony in a musical sequence that reminds river’s sinuosity, weaves from the sea and rain flying in the air. Sha has created birds,resting in their solid elements as expecting to fly in the spectator imagination. But, Liciciaby herself a rebel presence, she is a critical word, is a contained rage because the wicked acts from a dictatorial regiment, the political crimes, the boys and girls killed, kidnapped or jailed without justice, all of them are in the falling tears and even more in the white silent faces surrounded by symbols as the anti smoke masks, mourning flags, crucified hands and feet, blinded and bandaged faces. My friend Licia is a woman with integrity, a creative movement who never stops in front of all the adversities and moreover a human being who feels and is rebel when things are urgency and necessity.

William Guaregua

Venezuela 2019

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