Exhibition “Pájaros del Silencio”


Aerolitos, term with which Carlos Edmundo de Ory designates his aphoristic miniatures, are in the words of Miguel A. Zapata “the representation of the essential, of the stripped, of the ascetic, without renouncing the lyricism of the image and the round sound”. Licia Salvatore charms us in her exhibition “Birds of Silence” with her assembly technique, reduces or suppresses the gaps and reveals for the first time, the marks of the tools in the carving of the stone in balance with the grain of the wood, revealing content similar to that proposed by Carlos Edmundo de Ory: “Birds are perfect thoughts”.

The macaw, the white heron, the hummingbird, the woodpecker, the sea earwig, the cristofué, and the cockroach abandon our daily memory to harmonize with the geometric shapes and build an aviary of antagonistic lightness with the matter, which from “Caminos de Agua ”emerges from remnants piled up in the warehouse of his workshop, where the birds with all their representational character in the cultural, symbolic, in a low voice, but firmly speak to us about their workmanship, forests and lagoons, stones and wood make us laugh and think, they invite us to the game that, like a layman, is almost miraculously made up of pieces, scraps, chunks, shavings, remains, shatters, pine, pardillo wood, apamate wood, samán wood, marble, granite, serpentine and quartz artificial that peeks from drawers and corners to form in the hands of the artist, take shape, combine, assemble in an amazing way, filling with magic and singing.

“Pájaros del silencio” is a proposal with environmentalist, playful and artistic intent of extraordinary balance and coherence, a lyricism where artist and matter harmonize their souls to unveil “the beautiful”. A unique experience where Licia Salvatore exposes her mastery over matter, her keen eye to succeed in the assembly, her versatility and that “power of the soul” manifested in each exhibition.

Zamira Seijas
Museographer and Art Curator
Venezuela 2017

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