Excerpts from the book “Colección Arte Venezolano”


“Licia Salvatore’s works contain universal meanings as spirituality and human transcendence, expressed with an abstract, sensual and joyful language. Using local materials as piedra serpentina, she demonstrates to be able to juggle the technique with care and skill. Although her career begun recently, the passion, the preparation, the constant effort and a long list of exhibitions attendances have meant that her name was known nationally.”

“Concerning to the forms, the work of this artist can be located within the trend of lyrical abstract art, with a domain of rectangular, pyramidal and circular shapes;generally the works appear rich of sinuous wavy lines, the presence of geometric cuts looks like an antagonistic but complementary feature at the same time. Licia elaborates finely and elegantly the juxtaposition of these forms usually seen as antagonistic … “

“…one of the most important aspects in the production of Licia, is that she includes a void as an active part of the works, a resource that Pablo Gargallo used a lot in his work and this is why he is considered the greatest exponent in the world of the”empty” in ‘three-dimensional art. In the case of our artist, the void is used forcefully, through “elaborate schemes” usually containing an open end adapted to connect the works to the open space.”

“…during her career she managed to create a very unique and original plastic language; based on the combination of shapes that usually appear separated and antagonistic, she got that in her works they adopt a communion and a unique harmony. Rarely we have the opportunity to appreciate this kind of interaction between lyric and sensual forms with those that instead tend to solemn.”

Néstor Balza
Art’s Researcher
Venezuela 2008

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