“El Taller, tránsito de una escultora”


“Licia Salvatore, approaching the sculpture after searching for a language that allows to communicate this introspective need to give an order to her creative ability, is in art that finds this way that runs like a river. And here she meets the sculpture and immediately she identifies herself with it, she began to make experiment with stones, directly from the hands of her masters .. ”

“..totemic forms that represent the sinuosity sensual, voids that breathe the spirit of the raw material and it’s in this steady exercise of workshop that she met a noble material: wood! And here begins a new mission: getting the merger of two elements? Stone and wood. Drawing shapes, creating models, assembling and observing, here she gets the merger of these noble materials into one, without,however, losing their aspect…”

“…the work ends in a balance point and open itself to the space, it bends or it curves so graceful and delicate, not afford to be invasive…”

“…Licia’s path in her laboratory is the one about artist into communion with raw materials, the tools, the implicit need to make art and above all her dreams,proving honestly that all thats she wants is to be a SCULPTOR.”

Margarita Liscano
Artist and Art curator

Venezuela 2006

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